12 Foods that Make Satiety Last Longer

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LifeSurance.info – There are several types of food that make you full but not fat. These foods contain healthy energy, not fat that will accumulate in the stomach. Know what nutrients are needed and foods that make you full longer.

Nutrition in Foods that Make Satiety Last Longer

The satiety index is a measure used to measure feelings of fullness and loss of appetite. This scale was first developed in 1955 to test portions of 240 calories from 38 different types of food.

The result, each type of food affects one’s hunger and satiety. The same number of calories in two different foods may not be the same to make someone full.

Foods That Make You Satiety But Don’t Make You Fat

All foods may make you full, but not necessarily healthy. If you are adjusting your diet to create an ideal body weight, you should consume foods that make you full longer.

1. Potatoes boiled
2. Eggs
3. Nuts
4. Quinoa
5. Vegetables
6. Fruit
7. Fish
8. Soup
9. Meat
10. Legume
11. Cottage Cheese
12. Popcorn

Those are some types of foods that make you full. If you are on a diet program, these foods are very suitable because you can stay full without consuming excessive calories. I hope this information is helpful.