How to get Fat Quickly and Safely

Posted on 56,790 views – Having an ideal body is, of course, a dream for everyone. By having an ideal body we will feel more confident. Especially for men, women usually prefer men whose bodies are thicker and more muscular. Maybe it looks cooler, right? How are tips and how to quickly fatten a healthy body? Healthy Doctors have tips on how to fatten the body right.

Tips and Ways of Fat Body

Here’s how to get fat quickly that you can do every day at home:

1. Drink milk
2. Chewing food
3. Eat regularly
4. Types of food
5. Rest
6. Cut down on smoking
7. Eat egg whites
8. Add healthy calories
9. Eat solid nutrition
10. Sports
11. Check health

So, those are tips on how to get fat quickly that you can try at home, remember! Keep eating healthy, OK, Healthy Friends!