Often Shocked Because Car Horns Are Dangerous To The Heart

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Lifesurance.info – Sobat Sehat have you been surprised when you horn another vehicle on the highway? We often hear honking sounds when traveling, especially in big cities where the traffic is quite heavy. What is unexpected is that hearing car horns can significantly affect our heart health.

Not only the roar of a noisy vehicle engine, but horns can affect emotional and psychological health. In fact, according to a study published in the results in the journal The American College of Cardiology, the result is the fact that hearing noise, including horns, can increase the risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular health problems.

According to the researchers, frequent listening to loud, noisy, and shocking sounds can increase the risk of developing heart failure. These sounds are associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irregular heart rhythms, or even a rise in blood sugar. These various conditions are caused by the ability of noise pollution to increase stress hormones in the body. If the amount of this hormone is excessive, the arteries and heart will have a bad impact.

Health experts say that city-dwellers who are used to hearing the noise for years are more prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes when compared to those who live in rural areas or areas with very little noise pollution. For this reason, city residents who are accustomed to hearing noise pollution should diligently manage the stress in their bodies to prevent the arrival of these terrible diseases.