Driving a Matic Car Dangerous to Health?

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Lifesurance.info – We know cars with manual and automatic transmissions or what is also called automatic. Now, more and more people are choosing automatic cars because they find them easier to drive and less tiring. It’s just that, lately, there is an assumption that driving long distances using an automatic car can be dangerous for health. Is it true?

Impact of driving a long distance automatic car for health

Timesofindia site reveals a story experienced by a 30-year-old man named Saurabh Sharma. Saurabh almost lost his life just driving an automatic back and forth between Delhi and Rishikesh. For information, traveling between the two cities takes about 10 hours.

Saurabh experienced a blockage of the blood vessels in his left leg or in the medical world it is known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The problem is that this blockage interferes with the flow of blood to the lungs. He also had a pulmonary embolism problem and a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries. This disrupted Saurabh’s blood flow to and brain.

This condition made it difficult to breathe and eventually lost consciousness. Luckily, Saurabh was taken to the hospital on time. After being examined, it was stated that his blood pressure and heart rate were so low that he was suspected of having a heart attack. He also received first aid CPR for 45 minutes.

The rapid medical treatment made his blood pressure and heart rate better so that 24 hours later he regained consciousness. Unfortunately, because his blood flow was interrupted, his kidneys did not get enough blood and suffered damage. He is also scheduled to have a replacement kidney transplant.

Health expert, dr. Yogesh Kumar Chabra said that automatic cars cannot be blamed for the case that happened to Saurabh. It’s just that quite a lot of people think that using an automatic car makes them less tired, so they choose not to rest even though they have been driving for too long. Sitting motionless for too long in driving conditions can be dangerous.

Seeing this fact, we should always take the time to rest and stretch every few hours when driving long distances to prevent health problems.

Healthy Tips for Remote Driving

Health experts say there are several ways we can do to prevent health problems when driving long distances.

Here are these health tips.

  1. Get enough rest before going on a trip
  2. Doing Stretching Every 2 Hours
  3. Listening to music
  4. Should Not Choose Night-Time
  5. Sufficient Water Needs