Green Coffee, Healthy Drink or Not?

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LifeSurance.Info¬†-When talking about coffee, the first thing to think about is usually black coffee or coffee that has flavors like Mocca, milk, etc. that can be easily found on the market. It’s just that, lately, there are green coffee products that seem very interesting to try. Actually, green coffee is included in healthy drinks or not?

Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee
Green coffee turns out to be obtained from coffee beans that are not processed by roasting or roasting. Usually, this coffee comes from the type of Arabica which has higher acid levels compared to the coffee we usually consume.

Here are some health benefits that can be obtained from drinking green coffee.

1. Can Help Increase Metabolism Rate
The content of chlorogenic acid in green coffee is relatively high. For information, this acid can make the body’s metabolic rate increase and ultimately make excessive blood sugar released from our liver. This condition will impact on the increased burning of fat cells stored in the body. This will certainly make you lose weight.

2. Can Help Suppress Excessive Appetite
One of the most difficult things to fight when running a diet program is to overcome hunger. Luckily, in green coffee, there are ingredients that can help restore the balance of hormones that control hunger and satiety. This will certainly impact on a much better diet.

3. Can Help the Body’s Detoxification Process
The content in green coffee can actually help the body’s detoxification process naturally. This, of course, will make various kinds of poisons and residual substances from the body can be disposed of smoothly. In fact, health experts say excess fat and LDL cholesterol will also be wasted through this process.

4. High in Antioxidants
Like coffee in general, green coffee is also high in antioxidants that can support the body’s immune system and fight bad exposure to free radicals and inflammation. This fact was revealed in research published in the results of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, published in July 2004.

In this study, it was mentioned that green coffee contained chlorogenic acid which could fight the development of several types of cancer.

5. Reducing Blood Pressure
Research published results in Clinical and Experimental Hypertension in 2006 said that regular drinking green coffee can help reduce blood pressure effectively.

6. Improve Mood and Cognitive Function of the Brain
The presence of caffeine in green coffee will make the mood increase and increase morale. In fact, research published results in the journal Nutrition Bulletin in 2008 proved that consuming it can improve cognitive function in terms of alertness, memory function, focus, and others.

Green Coffee Side Effects
However, consumption of green coffee can also have its own side effects, especially for those who tend to be sensitive to caffeine. This can have an impact on sleep disorders, stomach nausea and bloating sensations, palpitations, headaches, and anxiety.

In addition, for those who experience problems with anxiety disorders, bleeding problems, have diabetes, have diarrhea, have glaucoma problems, have high cholesterol levels, have irritable bowel syndrome, to experience osteoporosis problems should not be carelessly drinking green coffee because it can cause health effects for his body.