8 Ways to Make Coffee Healthier for the Body

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LifeSurance.Info – This beverage made from coffee beans has a bitter taste even though sometimes it has an acid aftertaste, soil aroma, or other taste. Each type of coffee and place to cultivate natural food gives a characteristic taste.

How to make coffee healthier
During this time we buy coffee that has been processed into various types of drinks and added sugar or other ingredients. Well, what is healthy coffee for the body like? Is it the same as coffee that is usually bought out there? Check out a few points below.

1. As much as possible without caffeine after the afternoon
One reason why coffee is often consumed in the morning or when you are sleepy is the energy provided. High caffeine content can make you more excited. However, if you drink coffee done in the afternoon, the possibility of disruption in sleep will be large.

Generally, a person is prohibited from drinking coffee with high caffeine levels after 16.00 and above. If you drink the effect of awake and enthusiasm will get used to bedtime should appear. You will have difficulty sleeping soundly afterward. If you want to keep drinking coffee try to drink decaf type.

2. Don’t add too much sugar
Although it has the benefit of increasing concentration, coffee has a pretty bitter taste. Some people are resistant to the bitter taste. However, not a few are not strong and add a lot of sugar to it. If you add a lot of sugar, coffee is not healthy.

One alternative so that coffee can be accepted even though it is a bit bitter is not to ask for high doses such as when drinking espresso. Choose coffee that is rather runny rather than thick. Sugar may be added, but only as needed and use a type of diet sugar so as not to supply too many calories into the body.

3. As much as possible choose organic coffee
There are many types of coffee sold out there. There are types of coffee that are mass-produced and processed by the factory. There are also organic coffee types that are processed manually and exclusively packaged. This organic type of coffee can be consumed without fear of health problems.

One disadvantage of organic coffee is only the price which tends to be more expensive. This naturally processed coffee does need good care. If you really like drinking coffee regularly every morning, you can buy coffee in a large size which is cheaper than retail.

4. Try not to overdose on coffee
Coffee is good for health. Some studies even show that coffee can be used to increase endurance and prevent cancer. However, coffee cannot be consumed excessively because each person will respond differently.

Some will experience heartburn, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Furthermore, there are also those who cannot sleep until they experience hallucinations. Everyone has different resistance to coffee. If you drink two glasses and your body feels uncomfortable, that is your limit. Don’t drink more coffee than that.

5. Use a natural creamer
Creamer is one ingredient that is often added to coffee. Creamer gives a savory and thick taste so that the bitter taste that is owned by coffee. Creamers also provide additional nutrition because they contain everything contained in cow’s milk, although not too much.

If you use creamer, it is better to choose natural ones, not synthetic ones. Natural creams are more beneficial for the body while synthetic ones are more likely to trigger disturbances in the body due to preservatives.

6. Give extra cinnamon
Cinnamon in coffee will make the body avoid raising blood sugar. Especially if you add enough sugar. Cinnamon is known to stabilize blood sugar in the body and give a very pleasant aroma. Just add as much cinnamon as powder.

7. Be sure to filter coffee well
If you brew coffee that is not filtered before consuming it, it is most likely to contain cafestol. The substances in all of the unfiltered coffee can increase the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore you are advised to filter it before drinking.

Although it has been filtered using special paper, the nutritional content of coffee and also the caffeine contained will not be lost. If you consume coffee only once in a while maybe you will not experience problems. In fact, cafestol in small amounts is useful for preventing diabetes.

8. Give the extra cocoa powder
One of the benefits of coffee that many people want is their ability to increase concentration. Routine consumption of coffee will make you healthy. The benefits of this coffee will be greater if you add cocoa powder or pure chocolate that has no sugar content.

As is well known together, chocolate contains quite a lot of antioxidants that are good for the body. If you add it to coffee, chances are that the nutrition will increase and make you much healthier. The taste of coffee is also more delicious and can be accepted by the tongue.

Here are some ways or tricks to get coffee that is not only healthy but can also be consumed every day. So, even though coffee is beneficial for the body as it gives concentration while working, it’s good that you limit the coffee that enters the body to suit your needs. Of the several ways above, have you ever done it?