7 Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee for Health

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LifeSurance.Info – So far, we often consume coffee brewed using hot water. By using hot water, coffee will emit a strong aroma and the stored flavor can come out and dissolve with water. Apart from using this method of processing, coffee is also processed by cold brew or using cold water.

The benefits of cold brew coffee for health
Brewing coffee using cold water will not only provide a pleasant sensation. The bitter taste of coffee is also slightly reduced. In addition, cold brew coffee also has quite a number of health benefits as shown below.

1. Increase in metabolism
Coffee that is processed by cold brew has benefits to increase the body’s metabolism. From several studies conducted, the body’s metabolism will increase up to 13 percent if you regularly consume coffee whether processed with cold water or treated with hot water.

This increase in metabolism can occur because coffee contains caffeine which is quite large. Originally consumed with the right amount, caffeine will help burn calories in the body every day. When drinking coffee, make sure not to use sugar or use a little so that the body does not excess calories and weight loss is disrupted.

2. Reducing the risk of heart disease
In cold brew coffee, there are quite a number of beneficial components such as caffeine, magnesium, phenolic components, trigonelline, lignans, and quinidine. This component can increase the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Sensitive insulin will make it easier for the body to use glucose so that blood sugar is always stable and hypertension does not occur.

Coffee also contains antioxidants that are quite large and can prevent inflammation in the body, especially blood vessels and the heart. Routine consumption of cold brew coffee can keep the heart healthy and problems such as heart attacks to strokes will not occur.

3. Improve bad mood
Some people have a habit to consume coffee every morning before work or other activities. This is done because coffee seems to provide enormous enthusiasm and improve mood. Some people who initially do not work, will not be lazy after the body gets caffeine intake.

From several studies conducted, consuming coffee with the right dose can reduce a person’s depression by 8 percent. Furthermore, other studies mentioned that consuming any type of coffee, either cold brew or heat-processed can improve mood by 17 percent.

4. Reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Routine consumption of cold brew coffee will stabilize blood sugar as previously said. If blood sugar in the body tends to be stable, the chance of having type 2 diabetes will below. This is found if you drink about 4-6 small cups of coffee without using sugar. This risk reduction can reach 30 percent.

From several studies conducted, processing coffee by cold brew will also nourish the bacteria in the digestive tract. Conditions make the digestion and absorption of food, including sugar, run stably, not too fast or too slow.

If digestion goes fast the chances of experiencing diarrhea will be large. Meanwhile, if digestion is a little late, the stomach will be bloated due to constipation. These two things are very detrimental to health.

5. The chance of developing Parkinson’s is low
One of the most common disorders in those who are elderly is decreased brain function. This condition can arise because someone has Parkinson’s disease or maybe Alzheimer’s. This condition makes a person’s life increasingly decreased and the possibility of physical and mental effects will be large.

If since you were young you routinely consume various types of coffee, including cold brew types, most likely will make the brain function will continue to run perfectly. The nervous system will work well and one’s physical and mental abilities will not plummet. We also will not experience Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease later when we get older.

6. The possibility of increasing life expectations
One of the ingredients of coffee that is beneficial for maintaining a healthy body and reducing the risk of various types of diseases is antioxidants. By regularly consuming both regular and cold brew types of coffee, the body will get a lot of antioxidants and be protected from pathogens and free radicals.

From studies conducted on 400,000 men and women, the data obtained that consuming coffee can reduce the risk of heart disease, respiratory disease, metabolic diseases, accidents, infections, to the possibility of having a very dangerous stroke.

7. Easier to be received by the stomach
Coffee cannot be enjoyed by everyone. There are those who are able to consume coffee well whatever its type and do not get side effects. However, not a few who experience problems in the stomach after consuming coffee. Finally, coffee is always avoided because it causes diarrhea to make a person dizzy.

Cold brew coffee is slightly different from coffee brewed in a normal way. Some people say that coffee is not too acidic and close to normal pH. With low acidity, most likely does not cause problems in the stomach so that heartburn does not occur. In addition, the digestive tract will not experience interference.

Here are some of the benefits of consuming coffee that is processed by cold brew. Well, from some coffee preparations, which one do you like? Whatever type of coffee, be sure to consume it properly and not too much. If you overdo it can cause you to experience sleep disorders, stomach aches, and trigger hypertension.