6 Side Effects of Drinking Coffee

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LifeSurance.Info – Coffee has now become a kind of lifestyle for many people, especially for young people who live in cities. Besides being consumed in cafes, coffee can also be consumed at home or at work. The problem is behind the pleasure offered by coffee, we can get side effects if consumed in excess.

Various Side Effects of Excessive Coffee Drinking
Almost all types of coffee that we can consume have caffeine content. Actually, this content can help improve mood, energy, and the body’s metabolic system, but if consumed in excess, caffeine can provide side effects that are not trivial.

The following are the side effects.

1. Worry
Caffeine can make us more alert. This is caused by its ability to block the effects of adenosine, a brain chemical that can make us feel tired. Caffeine will also increase adrenaline which can make the body’s energy increase.

Unfortunately, if consumed in excessive amounts, caffeine will cause effects in the form of anxiety or even nervous sensations. This will only disrupt the mood and make us feel uncomfortable.

2. Insomnia
It is common knowledge that drinking coffee is related to insomnia or insomnia. The problem is there are still many people who underestimate him and still drink coffee at night. Usually, this is done for the sake of watching television, hanging out together in cafes or chatting with other people.

If we experience problems with insomnia, it is feared that it will cause an impact in the form of an unfit body or chaos in the body’s metabolic system. For this reason, we should be more careful about consuming them.

3. Digestive problems
Many people deliberately consume coffee in the morning in order to stimulate bowel movements and eventually launch a bowel movement. This is caused by the laxative effect of coffee. Consuming it will make gastrin production increase and make the intestine more active.

It’s just that, if excessive coffee consumption, it is feared that it will cause symptoms of digestive problems like stomach cramps and diarrhea. In fact, for some people, taking it can trigger high stomach acid problems.

4. Addiction
Coffee can also be addictive. This is caused by the delicious taste and can help us become fitter. In addition, caffeine can also affect chemical compounds in the brain like when we consume drugs. Indeed, the impact will not be as severe as when we use drugs, but this will make us experience dependency.

For example, many people find it difficult to get rid of drowsiness without drinking coffee. They also find it difficult to think clearly if they don’t drink coffee. The problem is if coffee is consumed in excess, the impact is certainly not good for health.

5. Increased Blood Pressure
In general, coffee will not cause an increased risk of stroke and heart disease for most people, but there have been many studies that prove that coffee can trigger an increase in blood pressure, one of the factors that can cause these two deadly health problems.

However, this effect can only be obtained if we consume coffee excessively in the long run. If coffee consumption tends to be reasonable, the impact on increasing blood pressure is usually only temporary.

6. Increased Heart Rate
For some people, drinking high amounts of coffee causes a significant increase in heart rate. This certainly can endanger people who did experience problems with the previous cardiovascular organs.