5 Tips to Overcome Coffee Addiction

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LifeSurance.Info РCoffee is widely known as a very delicious drink to be consumed at any time. Many people even rely on coffee as an uplifting or relieving drowsiness so that it will be more productive. The problem is, coffee can also be addictive.

Some ways you can do to overcome coffee addiction
Health experts call coffee addiction is usually triggered by excessive consumption of coffee, but that does not mean we can immediately stop consuming it just like that. If you do, your body will naturally feel abysmal and eventually will make your daily activities chaotic.

Here are some safe and comfortable ways if you want to overcome coffee addiction.

1. Start switching to another drink
Health experts advise coffee addicts to switch to consuming other drinks such as tea. If we consume green tea instead of coffee, then the body will still get less caffeine intake in the amount of coffee so that the body can begin to get used to reducing dependence on coffee.
The content in green tea is also very good for heart health and blood vessels can prevent the arrival of cancer, to make psychological health will be increasingly improved.

2. Drink more water
Make no mistake, drinking lots of water was also able to help us overcome coffee addiction, you know. This is caused by water that can overcome the problem of dehydration. Padalah, coffee can actually increase the chance of getting dehydrated.

This is caused by the coffee diuretic nature which can make the frequency of urination increase. This condition will certainly make body fluids wasted in greater amounts.

By increasing drinking water, the body will not be easily affected by dehydration while making the stomach feel full so that we can gradually reduce the excessive desire to drink coffee.

3. Try to slowly reduce coffee intake
Do not immediately stop drinking coffee suddenly. Try to reduce coffee intake little by little to prevent the appearance of uncomfortable sensations in the body.

For example, if we are accustomed to drinking 5 cups of coffee a day, begin to be reduced to 4 cups for one month and only begin to decrease it to a lower amount in the following months gradually.

By doing this, the body will adapt to caffeine intake which decreases little by little so that eventually it will not be easy to experience side effects.

4. Enough time to sleep
Enough sleep will make maximum body energy. This will certainly affect the body which will not need additional energy from coffee. Getting enough sleep will also reduce the chance of getting headaches.

5. Diligent in exercising
Diligent exercise will improve blood circulation. This will impact on the better distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, making the body more energetic and less dependent on coffee.