Bad Habits That Trigger Back Pain

Posted on 62,254 views – Low Back Pain or LBP is a musculoskeletal disorder that affects about 80% of the adult population with varying degrees of pain. LBP symptoms range from stabbing or aching muscle aches, stiffness / limited range of motion, or inability to stand up straight. Sometimes, the pain felt in the waist can spread to other places of the body.

LBP is also known as low back pain. The causes vary greatly, among others: Bad attitude (bad posture) that has accumulated over the years. the mechanical body that is wrong, stress, work habits, reduced flexibility, deterioration in physical abilities, accidents, and much more, for example, due to pregnancy, kidney disorders, or tumors. The activity of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours makes the movement of the spine very less. Sometimes due to prolonged sitting, sudden movements can cause stretching of the spine which will then cause symptoms of low back pain.

Here are some bad habits that trigger back pain:

  • Sit long all day long
    Sitting all day with a monitor in front of us is indeed a lighter job when compared to work that requires us to go out on a field walk. However, did you know that this kind of work is dangerous, especially for those of you who ignore your posture when sitting all day? Sitting all day in front of the computer can cause the back muscles to weaken because the muscles are not active. In addition, sitting also puts 40% more pressure on the spine compared to standing. For this reason, switch to a standing desk, by using standing desk facilities, it can help you keep the core and back muscles involved throughout the day. It’s just that, if getting a standing desk is not possible for you, then set the sitting position 135 degrees angles. This can reduce the compression of the spinal discs. Also, make sure your head is straight, and not tense forward when using the computer
  • Carry a large bag
    If you are a typical person who always carries all important items in your bag, then when you have back pain or back pain, don’t be weird. Carrying a heavy burden on one side of the body will cause your shoulders to become unbalanced so that your spine becomes unbalanced. For this reason, you should carry enough load, if the conditions require that you carry a lot of goods, then the alternative is to pocket some other items.
  • Sleeping on an old mattress
    A study explains that the use of a good mattress is 9 to 10 years. Well, if you feel back pain complaints, try to remember again maybe the life of your mattress is too old. For that, replace your mattress with a mattress that is not too hard and not too soft. Foam mattresses can be an alternative because foam mattresses will form the contours of your body which allows your bones to stay awake straight all night.
  • Stress
    When you experience stress, your entire body including the muscles in your neck and back will contract tightly. Meanwhile, if you are constantly experiencing stress, tight and tense muscles will not get a chance to relax, if this happens then you may feel pain. For that, as much as possible avoid your body from the causes of stress by doing lots of exercise and consumption of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit and get enough rest.