8 Yoga Moves for Beginners to Try at Home!

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LifeSurance.info – Try various yoga movements for beginners below! Regular exercise for maintaining fitness is very important to do. One of the exercises you can do at home is yoga. Not all yoga moves are difficult to do, you know.

Yoga Movement for Beginners

Yoga is a sport that is not only good for the physical, but also for the mental. Yoga not only exercises physically but can also help us relax our mind. Want to try yoga practice at home? Here are 8 basic yoga moves that you can try!

1. Mountain Pose
2. Tree Pose
3. Warrior I Pose
4. Warrior II Pose
5. Triangle Pose
6. Child’s Pose
7. Cobra Pose
8. Seated Forward Bend

There you have a variety of yoga movements for beginners that you can do at home. It’s easy, right? Have a try!