7 Ways to Eat More Protein to Improve Body Health

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LifeSurance.info – Every day we must meet the calorie needs of 2,000-2,500 calories. These calories will be broken down again into three macronutrient components consisting of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. You can meet this need from various types of food that are around us.

Protein and its deficiencies

Of the various types of macronutrients that we consume every day, protein is known to be quite difficult to fulfill. There are so many people who cannot afford it because it is difficult to find. Some types of protein such as eggs might be easily bought, but the protein content is not much.

Yet in one day we are advised to eat protein up to 25% of total calories a day or at least 50-60 grams per day.

Protein has a very big role in the body every day. Not only for energy sources but is useful in helping the work of organs, making hormones, growth, and also the formation of red blood cells.

Considering there is a lot of protein and can be found around the guess, get around meat ingredients must be done. We don’t have to use meat or chicken that might be more expensive on the market. We can use vegetable ingredients that have high protein content and are cheaper.

As much as possible to meet the needs of protein every day. If you can do it, your body will be much healthier. In fact, you can also lose weight easily and the condition of obesity does not happen again.

How to eat more protein

If you decide to eat more protein every day, here are some ways you can do it. Choose the one that you think is appropriate or combine several things into one.

  1. Try a variety of vegetable protein
  2. Consuming processed milk
  3. Choose the right animal protein
  4. Eat protein before carbohydrates
  5. Try protein supplements
  6. Bring protein snacks
  7. Add protein to each food

Here are some things we can do to eat more protein. Some types of protein do have a much higher price. However, you can work around this by consuming a large amount of animal protein out there. Hopefully, the above review is useful.