12 Vitamins for Eyes to Stay Healthy

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Lifesurance.info – Eyes need vitamins to carry out their functions properly, and prevent them from several health problems. So, what are the eye vitamins that you must fulfill every day so that your eyes are always healthy? Here’s the information!

Eye Vitamins, Anything?

Meeting the intake of vitamins is something you must do every day, including vitamins for the eyes. The following are various vitamins that can treat and optimize the function of these organs of vision.

1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin B1
3. Vitamin B2
4. Vitamin B3
5. Vitamin B6
6. Vitamin B9
7. Vitamin B12
8. Vitamin C
9. Vitamin D
10. Vitamin E
11. Zinc
12. Lutein and Zeaxanthin

The Importance of Maintaining Eye Health

As one of the five senses, the role of the eye for the survival of our daily lives is very important. How come? The eye is an organ of vision that allows us to see the beauties that exist in this world.

Unfortunately, there are various types of visual impairments, which if you experience them, will certainly interfere with your daily activities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in a report entitled Global Data on Visual Impairments 2010 which was released in 2012, it is estimated that there are 285 million people around the world who experience vision problems with the following distribution:

  • 39 million people are blind
  • 246 million people have low vision quality

Most of these eye disorders were in the form of cataracts (33 percent), followed by glaucoma (2 percent), and macular degeneration (1 percent). Therefore, it’s best to take precautions as early as possible so that your eyes continue to function properly even though you get older. Get enough eye vitamins every day, either from food or supplements. May be useful!