12 Causes of Body Fat and How to Prevent

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LifeSurance.info – The cause of fat is not only because of eating a lot, but a problematic health condition can also be a trigger for weight gain. That’s why someone who eats little but is still fat! Learn more about the causes of other body fat below.

Causes of Fat Body

Being overweight or obese is related to several conditions known as metabolic syndrome. People with metabolic syndrome have a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This condition can be prevented by knowing the various causes of body fat.

The following are daily habits that are not realized to be the cause of fat:

1. Poor Diet
2. Sugar
3. Stress
4. Genetic Factors
5. Junk Food
6. Food Addiction
7. Sleep Deprivation
8. Insulin Resistance
9. Use of Certain Drugs
10. Smoking
11. Lack of exercise
12. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

How to Prevent Fat Body

People who are at risk of obesity or overweight, especially those who have genes from their parents, must take precautionary measures. Those who have unhealthy eating patterns and lifestyles should also be on the lookout.

Here are some ways to prevent obesity that you can apply:

  • Diligent in exercising. Do moderate-intensity exercise 150 to 300 minutes for a week to prevent weight gain. Fast walking and swimming can be an option as intense physical activity.
  • Live a healthy diet. Eat low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid saturated fats and reduce sweets or alcohol.
  • Know the foods that cause fat. Remember or make food records that trigger weight gain. This method will help you in controlling a healthy weight.
  • Control your weight regularly. Weighing at least once a week is more successful in preventing obesity. This method tells how successful in controlling weight.
  • Consistent. Staying on a healthy weight-loss plan for a week, on weekends, or on holidays can help increase long-term opportunities for maintaining a healthy weight.