Often Toothbrushes Are Not Guaranteed Healthy Teeth

Lifesurance.info -Brushing your teeth is useful for removing flak and bacteria that stick to the teeth. But if the toothbrush used is not stored properly, brushing your teeth can cause infection or transmit certain diseases. Therefore, keep your toothbrush properly and stay healthy.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a mandatory requirement that must be done as a standard step to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Routine brushing can maintain healthy teeth and prevent cavities.

“Usually parents are always fussy to tell children to brush their teeth when taking a bath, after eating, or before going to bed. But unfortunately this method alone can not prevent the emergence of cavities, “said Prof. Dr. Melanie Soedono, Biomed, some time ago.

Melanie revealed, the notion of brushing teeth every day can prevent cavities is the wrong perception. “Cavities are actually caused by porous teeth,” he explained.

Porous teeth themselves occur because of damage to the tooth structure, which results in thinning of the enamel (a hard layer that protects the teeth) and the outermost layer of the tooth reaches the inner layer of the tooth, the dentin, and pulp.

According to him, there is no guarantee that someone who is diligent in brushing his teeth will be free of cavities. Because all these things are influenced by time, how to brush teeth, and the type of toothpaste used. When brushing the wrong teeth, for example after eating, can cause tooth loss due to the high acid content in the mouth.

How to brush your teeth is also very influential on dental hygiene. Use the help of a mirror to see the part of the tooth that is still dirty, and try to brush your teeth at least one to two minutes by making small circular movements. Make sure there is no food left in the teeth and mouth because these leftovers can cause an acidic reaction from the bacteria.

When not cleaning your teeth, the rest of the food will be broken down by bacteria to become acidic, and this acid will attack the teeth and make teeth become porous. This process is known as the demineralization process. “Although diligently brush your teeth, but if you use the method, time, and toothpaste is wrong, it will actually make the bacteria can break down the remaining food in the mouth to become acidic every day. Finally, the teeth become easily porous and hollow, “he explained.

To prevent cavities, Melanie suggests not needing to brush your teeth too often. The most important thing is the process of brushing teeth in the right way, time and dental care products.