Is it true that coffee can damage the vocal cords?

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LifeSurance.Info РCan coffee really cause this health impact?

Impact of drinking coffee for the condition of the vocal cords
According to Aska, his health problems were triggered by the habit of drinking coffee every day. Understandably, Aska has a coffee shop business. It’s just that, after drinking coffee, he experienced high stomach acid problems. High gastric acid is what makes the vocal cords are damaged so that it makes fasting talk for several days until the condition of the vocal cords recovers.

Health experts say for some people, coffee can indeed cause an increase in stomach acid. If we experience it often, the vocal cords will be vulnerable to damage. It’s just that coffee cannot be the sole trigger of this problem.

If we adopt a poor diet that often causes stomach acid to increase, the impact on the vocal cords will be the same. In addition, the hobby of consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, and eating foods or drinks that can cause stomach acid problems such as spicy foods, sour foods, oily foods, and soft drinks, the risk of developing high stomach acid will also increase.

Even so, coffee lovers really should pay attention to their habits because if consumed in excess, the risk of damage to the vocal cords and lower respiratory tract can increase.