How to Wash the Right Towels to Be Free From Bacteria – In addition to its function as a body dryer, towels also have the potential to store dirt, germs, and fungi. Therefore, knowing how to wash towels properly must be known so that you avoid disease. Check out how to wash it to keep it fresh and soft in full below.

How to Wash Towels Properly
Dirty towels can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and fungi. If attached to the skin, the effects that can occur are itching, rashes, and skin diseases. Here’s how to wash towels so they’re really clean and don’t damage the fibers.

  • Do not mix towels with another laundry in the washing machine. Wash the towel with another, or hand washes if only one towel is dirty. Mixing towels with other clothes makes them dirty quickly because towels absorb water mixed with dirt.
  • Use cold water for washing. Coldwater is much better for the fibers of the towel so they don’t harden quickly.
  • Separate white towels from colored towels.
  • Do not bleach. Bleach can cause the fibers of the towels to become rough. Towels may also lose their original color.
  • No need to use a lot of detergents. Too much detergent can make white towels gray. While bright towels will become discolored. The detergent will also damage the fibers and absorbency of the towel.
  • Wash towels like you would regular clothes. If washing by hand, do not brush the towel with a coarse-bristled brush so that the softness of the fibers is maintained.
  • Towels are a type of cloth that absorbs liquids and odors quickly. Mold is the biggest problem. Mildew on the towels will appear in the form of small black dots. If left unchecked, these black dots will multiply, then damage the fibers of the fabric and make the towel easy to tear.
  • To prevent mold build-up, use baking soda or an over-the-counter mildew cleaning powder. Also, make sure the towels are dry immediately after washing.
  • To prevent a musty odor, when washing, mix one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. The vinegar will help clean the towels down to the fibers. Meanwhile, baking soda neutralizes odors.
  • Wash the towels after five uses. Or at least once a week. This will prevent too much dirt from accumulating and make the towels difficult to clean.
  • If you buy a new towel, wash it immediately before using it. This is to remove chemicals and dirt that may be stuck to the towels. These chemicals can cause itching and rashes on the skin.
  • Towels will get heavier when exposed to water. It will make the washing machine spin is not perfect. Reduce the number of towels in the machine if this occurs. Incomplete rotation will prevent towels from being washed clean.
  • Every two or three months, wash the towels with warm water and mild soap. But don’t use too much soap. This is to prevent the fiber from hardening and reducing its absorption.

How to Dry Towel
After washing, the towels should be dried immediately. Either by tumble dryer or by hand. After that, dry the towels in a place that is protected from direct sunlight and has good air circulation. Pay attention to how to dry towels properly below.

  • Use a low temperature when drying towels. Too high a temperature can damage the fibers of the fabric. This may cause you to dry the towels several times.
  • If you wash them correctly, the fibers of the towels will remain soft. But it’s okay if you want to add laundry softener so that the towels smell good. Use it sparingly. After that immediately dry and dry the towels.
  • Do not leave towels stuck in the dryer. Especially for more than one day. This will cause the towels to become moldy and smell musty.

By knowing how to wash and dry your towels properly, your towels will last longer and be comfortable to wear. But also pay attention to the following things.

  • After use, immediately hang the towel in a place that has good air circulation. Hang in a stretched position, the goal is to dry quickly. Do not hang towels in the sun as this will trap the moisture inside. As a result, old towels dry, and bacteria thrive.
  • Do not place wet or damp towels in the dirty clothes basket. It is better to dry it first before combining it with other dirty clothes. Wet towels will give off an unpleasant odor when combined with dirty clothes. Another way is to provide a special basket for dirty towels.
  • Towels can also absorb odors from the washing machine. To prevent this, pour a cup of vinegar or borax into the machine after a few washes, then run as usual. The vinegar and borax will absorb odors and remove detergent residue.
  • Do not share towels with other people. Provide towels that are not being used if there are guests staying. Even better if there are special towels for guests. Wash immediately after guests leave or don’t use towels anymore.
  • Keep towels away from discolored materials such as gasoline and toothpaste. Oil is also an ingredient to keep away from because it will be difficult to clean once it has been absorbed by the towel.

Washing towels properly will keep these dryer rags clean. A clean towel will certainly be more comfortable to use and will not transfer bacteria to the skin.