Green Coffee for a Diet

LifeSurance.Info – Green coffee for diet? Yes, green coffee may be familiar to some dieters to lose weight. Consuming green coffee is believed to be able to lose weight effectively without the need to exercise or change your diet. Is that right?

1. Burning Fat
The study, published by the Journal of International Medical Research in 2007 found that consumption of green coffee for approximately 12 weeks effectively lose weight up to 5 kg, with a note that dieters must balance it with regular exercise activities.

The fact that green coffee benefits for this diet are also reinforced by another study conducted by a research team from the American Chemical Society in 2012. The results of the study revealed that consuming green coffee beans for a diet for 22 weeks managed to burn fat and lose weight by 7 kg. also, the reduction in total fat content reached 16 percent.

The occurrence of weight loss is claimed to be the result of ‘work’ of chlorogenic acid in increasing the body’s metabolism so that the fat burning process takes place perfectly.

2. Reducing Hunger
The benefits of green coffee for a diet that is not less important is to reduce hunger so that the frequency of your eating can be controlled.

Nevertheless, the benefits of green coffee for this one diet do not yet have an adequate scientific explanation. Indeed, there are some people who have managed to feel the effects of drinking green coffee, but not all of them.

Even though after drinking green coffee you feel full, this applies to green coffee that is given sugar. So, this sugar has the effect of satiety for longer, or, the feeling of satiety that appears is nothing more than a suggestion that consuming green coffee makes it full.