Facts about Mouthwash that You Must Know

Lifesurance.info – Mouthwash is a common ingredient for dental care. You may also be familiar with mouthwash, but there may be some things that you don’t know about it. Here are some facts about the mouthwash that you need to know:

1. Mouthwash Cannot Replace Toothbrushes
You might think that gargling with mouthwash can replace the cleansing process done when brushing your teeth. The fact is not the case. There is dirt or bacteria in the teeth, which can only be lost due to the process of brushing teeth, not just by gargling.

2. Mouthwash Is Not Only To Refresh Your Mouth
Know in advance the function or priority of the mouthwash you will choose. Mouthwash has content that each has been targeted for different needs.

There is mouthwash to freshen breath, mouthwash to prevent cavities, mouthwash to hydrate mouth, mouthwash to whiten teeth, and mouthwash to prevent inflammation of the gums.

3. The sensation of pain in the mouth is not a guarantee
You must have felt a sore sensation in your mouth when using mouthwash. Dream Dentist reported that this does not mean a sign that mouthwash works perfectly. The pain sensation is mostly caused by the alcohol content that is present in the mouthwash, causing a feeling of pain in the mouth. If you are not strong with the sore sensation, you can replace mouthwashes with lower alcohol content.

4. Mouthwash Medication Maintain Dental and Gum Health
In fact, using mouthwash can help control bacteria causing various problems in the teeth and gums. Gargling with mouthwash can also help strengthen your teeth because of the mineral content present in it.

Maintaining oral health, in this case, teeth and gums, in addition to brushing teeth, can also be helped by the use of mouthwash. The facts about mouthwash in this article, hopefully, it can be a good reference so you can start to care more about the health of your teeth and gums.