Diet for Diabetes

Posted on 55,327 views – Implementing a diet for people with diabetes mellitus aims to keep blood sugar (glucose) levels in the body always under control. Check out the full explanation of the following diabetes-specific diets!

Diet for Diabetes, Why Need?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when blood sugar levels in the body are very high. High blood sugar levels are caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Or, the amount of insulin produced is less than ideal. In fact, insulin is what functions to control blood sugar in order to stay balanced.

For those of you who already have diabetes, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, implementing a diet for diabetes is certainly very important. Because uncontrolled eating patterns can cause glucose levels to increase. If so, then your life is at stake.

Diet for Diabetes, What Foods to Eat?

So, what foods can be consumed when you apply this special diabetes mellitus diet?

1. Fish
2. Vegetables
3. Eggs
4. Yogurt
5. Nuts
6. Broccoli
7. Strawberry

What Foods to Avoid in the Diet for Diabetes?

If we were discussing what foods are consumed while on a diet for diabetes, now you must know what foods should be avoided to prevent soaring glucose levels.

What foods do you mean? Here goes the information!

1. Foods that contain high sugar
2. Foods Containing Saturated Fat
3. Foods Containing Trans Fats