6 Facts About Instant Coffee, Is It Healthy?

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LifeSurance.Info¬†-Some people choose to enjoy instant coffee as a booster when doing various activities. This is due to the enjoyment and practicality provided by this coffee. It’s just that, actually accustomed to drinking instant coffee is good or not for health anyway?

Facts About Instant Coffee
Compared to regular coffee, instant coffee usually has a cheaper price. The taste also tends to be more varied.

Here are various facts about instant coffee.

1. The antioxidant content turned out to be quite high
Health experts call instant coffee apparently has a fairly high antioxidant content. In fact, the content can be higher than other drinks. In addition, based on a study, it was mentioned that a cup of instant coffee provides potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B.

The presence of antioxidants and these ingredients can certainly support the immune system and make us healthier. In addition, we also will not be easily affected by the adverse effects of free radicals that cause health problems.

2. Its Caffeine Content Is Lower
Instant coffee turned out to have a lower caffeine content than regular coffee. There are positives and negatives to this. For those who are asked to reduce their caffeine intake because they experience side effects like anxiety, increased heart rate, or insomnia, instant coffee can certainly be used as a solution.

For information, in a teaspoon of instant coffee, there is caffeine as much as 30-90 mg. This amount is lower than regular coffee of the same size, which has as much as 70-140 mg of caffeine.

However, this lower amount of caffeine can also have its own side effects. This content can actually help increase the rate of the metabolic system, increase brain function, and support live performance. We certainly will not get these benefits to the maximum if only consuming instant coffee.

3. Can Increase Cancer Risk
Instant coffee has almost double the acrylamide content compared to that in ordinary coffee. For information, acrylamide comes from roasted coffee beans. These chemicals are known to increase the risk of cancer and can cause damage to the nervous system.

Actually, the level of acrylamide in instant coffee is still safe for health, but if we drink it often, it is feared that the intake of acrylamide becomes higher and dangerous.

In addition, health experts are still debating the high sugar and vegetable oil content in instant coffee. This content is said to cause cancer if it is consumed too often.

4. Can Increase Risk of Exposure to Hypertension
If we often consume instant coffee, the risk of developing hypertension will increase. This is caused by the presence of creamer that can interfere with blood circulation and reduce the condition of blood vessels. The problem is that blockages in blood vessels can lead to more serious health problems such as heart attacks or strokes.

5. Can Increase Risk of Diabetes
Instant coffee actually has a low coffee bean content. In fact, there is an instant coffee that only contains coffee flavorings. In addition, this coffee also has an artificial sweetener which tends to be high. Seeing this fact, consuming it often can increase the risk of diabetes or obesity.

6. Can Increase Cholesterol
The content of creamer in instant coffee can actually increase cholesterol levels significantly. This certainly will worsen heart health.

Seeing this fact, we really should not over-consume instant coffee. Eat occasionally to maintain a healthy body.