13 Ways to Increase Body Metabolism

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LifeSurance.info – Not a few people experience a decrease in metabolism, for that apply how to increase the body’s metabolism to stay healthy, energized, and make slim. How to? Check out the complete information below!

How to Increase Body Metabolism

Metabolism has an influence on weight loss and gain. Because metabolism is the body’s natural process that converts food into energy. Then, the energy is burned and used for daily activities. You can imagine if metabolism decreases.

Here are a number of ways to increase the body’s metabolism:

1. Drink enough water
2. Consume Healthy Oil
3. Enough Calorie Intake
4. Drink Green Tea
5. Adequate intake of B vitamins
6. Eat spicy food
7. Protein consumption
8. Drinking Black Coffee
9. Doing Resistance Training
10. High Intensity Training
11. Stand as often as possible
12. Reduces stress
13. Enough Sleep